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Business & Corporate Law

Our firm is involved in all aspects of business law in Central Pennsylvania. We can assist you in creating limited liability companies, sub S and C corporations, general partnerships and sole proprietorships and we can provide you with ongoing legal counsel as your business grows. Typically, we advise our clients which business entity will best serve their needs; we register the entity with the PA Department of State, draft the documents necessary to form the entity, including bylaws, operation agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, minutes of initial meetings, and stock certificates. We also advise shareholders and partners on their rights and responsibilities as a member of a corporation or partnership. We draft buy-sell agreements between the members, shareholders or partners of business entities. The practice of business law ultimately involves building a relationship and trust between the client and its attorney. We encourage clients to keep us informed of developments and changes in their business plans. At Derr, Pursel, Luschas & Naparsteck, LLP, our attorneys are always available for consultation.

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