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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties where the remedy sought is money damages or specific performance. By its very nature, litigation is adversarial. For over forty years, our firm has aggressively represented clients in trials, hearings, arbitrations, mediation, before administrative agencies, municipalities, state courts and federal courts.

Our attorneys have experience in a broad range of disputes:

With a thorough understanding of substantive and procedural law, our attorneys assist you in all stages of litigation. The attorneys at Derr, Pursel, Luschas, and Naparsteck, LLP are happy to meet with you to assess, evaluate, and analyze your case. We assist in the investigation process of your case which may involve locating witnesses, taking statements, gathering documents, and engaging in pre-litigation negotiations on your behalf. Our attorneys are often able to effectuate a settlement agreement before a lawsuit is formally initiated.

In the event litigation is necessary, our firm will draft and present to the court the the necessary pleadings and motions on behalf of our client. We will engage in the discovery process to gain information which is relevant to your case. This involves the taking of depositions, drafting interrogatories, obtaining documents, photographs, e-mail, and other physical evidence. Our attorneys work closely with our clients as we prepare for trial.

Our staff uses state-of-the-art technology and trial software that enables us to synthesize complex legal and factual matters to present at trial to support your case.

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