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Estate Planning

Our attorneys are experienced at everything from Wills for fairly straightforward estates to Wills in the Federal Estate and Gift Tax bracket which could contain Federal By-Pass Trusts, Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trusts, and other tax clauses with tax saving benefits. We provide services for all areas of law within the jurisdiction of the probate court (referred to in Pennsylvania as the “Orphans’ Court,” an age-old and now somewhat inaccurate title) including testate, intestate, guardianships, changes of names and probate of foreign Wills. We write Wills with all proper formalities in Pennsylvania. We have Wills for single persons, married couples, couples with minor children who need contingent trusts, persons with disabled children who need Supplemental Needs Trusts, and those people in second marriages with or without children from prior marriages.

Trusts may be either “Testamentary” (drafted inside a Will and effective only upon death) or “Inter Vivos” (a document drafted and effective during the lifetime of the creator of the trust, sometimes referred to as a “Living Trust”). A trust may be for tax planning purposes or to provide for the supplemental needs of a disabled beneficiary, and it may have “Crummey” gifting powers. No matter the purpose, all trusts have the same essential elements: one or more trustees who handle the assets within the powers set forth in the trust; one or more beneficiaries who benefit from the assets of the trust; a corpus of trust assets; a definitive end; and rules for the trustees to follow regarding the distribution of the income and principal of the trust estate. Proper advice of counsel as to which provisions to include, which type of trust to draft and how the distribution of assets should occur is essential to insuring your wishes are carried through afer the creation of the trust, whether during your lifetime, or after you die. We draft Power of Attorney, Living Will, Healthcare Proxy, Petition for Guardianship and various other documents all designed to tailor your estate plans the way you want your wishes carried out. Plan ahead now by contacting the experienced estate planning attorneys of Derr, Pursel, Luschas & Naparsteck, LLP, at (570) 784-4654 for all your estate planning needs.

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