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Probate & Estate Administration

If you just lost a loved one, you may feel overwhelmed and confused. The lawyers of Derr, Pursel, Luschas & Naparsteck, LLP, bring years of knowledge and experience to guide you through the complexities of Pennsylvania’s Court proceedings, the administration of estates, and estate tax proceedings. Probate is the court process used to determine the validity of a will and oversee the payment of creditors and distribution of estate assets. Even if there is no valid will at the time of death, the estate will still go through the probate procedure. Since probate is regulated by state laws, there are specific procedures proscribed by each state for carrying out the process.

Administering an estate often includes post-mortem estate planning, inventory valuation, collection and sale or distribution of the decedent’s assets. Our attorneys guide you through funding trusts, paying the decedent’s debts and managing the estate’s expenses. Other areas where our legal services are helpful include record keeping and filing the decedent’s final income tax returns and the estate’s fiduciary income tax returns. Even if all the decedent’s assets were held jointly or if a beneficiary was designated and no Pennsylvania Court proceeding is necessary, the estate must file an estate tax return. Depending on the total value of the assets at the time of death, an estate may need to file a federal estate tax return and/or a Pennsylvania Estate Tax Return. This is especially important if the decedent had assets that could subject the estate or beneficiaries to capital gains taxes when the asset is sold. This includes assets such as real property and securities. The estate must document the new cost basis of these assets for future capital gains tax purposes.

To get the estate finances in order, our attorneys help prepare and execute the fiduciary’s accountings, the releases of the fiduciary, final distribution of the assets, payment of commissions and closing of the estate.

Let us help take the anxiety out of the probate process for you in settling your loved one’s estate. The attorneys of Derr, Pursel, Luschas & Norto, LLP, will help you efficiently navigate the details of the probate process, assisting you with all probate needs, including probate administration, guardianships, conservatorships, special needs trusts and will contests. Please call us now at (570) 784-4654 for guidance and assistance through the sometimes complicated and confusing process of probate and estate administration.

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