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Understanding How Car Accident Victim Compensation Works

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If you’ve experienced an accident, you will quickly learn how fast the bills can add up. Car accidents account for around $400 million in direct medical costs each year, according to the CDC. That does not even account for property damage and other costs, and an attorney like Luschas, Naparsteck, and Crane, LLP, knows how car accident compensation works and can help you achieve a just outcome.

Determining the Damages and Injuries Requires Experienced, Professional Knowledge

Car accidents result in significant numbers of deaths and injuries each year in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The purpose of the NHTSA is to enforce vehicle performance standards and to establish partnerships with state and local governments in order to reduce not only deaths and injuries associated with crashes but also economic losses. It is these losses that a personal injury attorney can help you collect, as often, you are going to be up against an insurance company interested in finding ways to prevent you from collecting.

Assessing Damages Is Only the First Step in Fully Recovering Your Damages

When you’ve been injured in a car accident and have measurable damages like hospital bills, lost wages, the potential of future lost earnings, knowing the number of your damages is only the first step. Next, you will have to proceed with insurance claims to ensure that your medical bills and other damages are recovered. As reported by the National Law Review, generally, if you have been in an accident and another person was at fault, their insurance company is liable for your medical bills. However, the role of fault varies from state to state, and Pennsylvania is unique.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Today to Pursue Your Rightful Compensation

The purpose of pursuing damages following an accident is to be made whole, which means to be put in the position that you would have been in were it not for the accident. Experienced personal injury attorneys like Luschas, Naparsteck, and Crane can help. Contact us today for a consultation on your case.

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How do I know what my damages are?

Adding up your special and general damages will provide the sum of your damages.

Will the court tell me what I am owed?

No, it is up to the claimants to determine what they pursue in court.

How do I collect if the insurance company won’t pay me?

It may be necessary to file a lawsuit to collect your damages.


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