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How to Prevent Common Workplace Injuries

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If you’ve experienced an injury on the job, you might feel as though you have done something wrong or hold responsibility for the damages. The reality is often quite different, as your employer has a responsibility to maintain a safe working environment and to proactively prevent injuries and illness. A personal injury attorney with an employment law practice like Luschas, Naparsteck, and Crane, LLP, can advise you of what your options are for recovery.

OSHA’s “Final Rule” Requires That Employers Fix Problems to Prevent Injuries

Within the context of your job, it is the responsibility of your employer to maintain a safe working environment. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there is the “final rule,” which was established to encourage employers to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Employers are required to keep a careful record of injuries and illnesses, and further, to identify problems that are causing injury or illness, and to take the steps that are necessary to rectify the problem.

If you are injured in the workplace and being blamed for the causes, it is best to consult with a personal injury attorney with an employment law practice like Luschas, Napersteck, and Crane. Knowing what you are responsible for and what falls under the responsibilities of your employer under OSHA rules and regulations can be difficult to determine, highlighting the value of an experienced attorney.

Workplace Injuries Can Range From Accidents to Simply Repetitive Stress

The CDC, in consideration of workplace injuries, noted that they might occur from a wide variety of circumstances, whether accidental or intentional. Accidental injuries in the workplace include slips, trips, motor vehicle crashes, and other causes. The very movements that you are required to do for your job on a day-to-day basis might also cause injury in the form of repetitive stress injury to your nerves, tendons, or muscles. This injury results from doing the same motion repetitively in the workplace for an ongoing duration of time.

It is important to seek out professional medical attention when you have an injury to determine the cause. Should you be experiencing soreness or minor ongoing pain, that may also be indicative of an injury. Only through medical attention can you determine the source of your injury and what treatment paths are necessary to make you whole. A personal injury attorney with an employment law practice can advise you of your options in terms of recovering your damages.

Exercising Caution Is Important But Not Always Enough to Prevent Injuries

As noted above, injuries can come about as a result of accidents or even simply repetitive use. At-fault accidents, however, should be avoided and can be done by exercising normal caution and diligence in the exercise of your work. Preventing the common workplace injury of a slip and fall can be addressed by making sure to put up signage notifying the workplace of a wet floor, encouraging employees to exercise extra caution. However, no matter how cautious and careful you might be, accidents and injuries will still happen in the workplace, and you may be entitled to damages.

An Employment Attorney Knows How to Help You Recover for Your Injuries

Reach out to us to schedule a consultation now to explore your options in terms of your workplace injury. Do not admit fault, and wait to speak with a professional before settling and signing anything with your employer. Employers exist to make a profit, and at times measures meant to support safety are considered to be too expensive, but your safety is invaluable, and we are here to protect and support you should something have gone wrong.



Am I responsible for my own safety on the job?

Yes, but your employer is also required to maintain a safe environment.

If there are known dangers, do I have to avoid them?

Your employer is responsible for maintaining the safety of the workplace, and any dangers should be reported to them.

How do I know if my employer is at fault?

Understanding who is at fault after an accident can be difficult, and an attorney can help.



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