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Montour County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When a car accident occurs, drivers are not the only ones that can get injured. Pedestrians may sustain injuries as well. 

A pedestrian may be directly hit by a car, or they may be impacted by flying car parts or debris produced during a collision. Injuries can be quite serious as pedestrians do not have the shell of a car to protect them. 

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you need a good lawyer by your side. A lawyer will see to it that you are fully covered for your damages. 

Luschas, Naparsteck & Crane, LLP has years of experience representing Montour County, Pennsylvania clients in personal injury cases. Read on to find out how we can help you protect your rights. 

Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Pennsylvania

Pedestrians need to be especially careful when they are walking in the bustling cities of Pennsylvania. Here are some 2017 statistics to be aware of. 

  • 3.2% of accidents were pedestrian related.
  • 13.2% of fatal accidents were pedestrian related.
  • 70% of victims of fatal pedestrian accidents were male.
  • 61.5% of pedestrian accident injuries occurred during the day but 76% of fatal pedestrian accidents occurred at night.
  • 57% of pedestrian fatalities occurred in 6 of the 67 Pennsylvania counties these being Allegheny, York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Montgomery, and Bucks.
  • 5977 pedestrians were killed nationwide, a 1.7% decrease from the previous year.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Left Hand Turns: When a driver makes a turn he or she may be concentrating on other cars in the intersection and may not be aware of pedestrians trying to cross the street. This is especially common when cars are making left hand turns and pedestrians are coming from the right. 

Back Up Accidents: When a car backs up, the driver must look behind the car to determine if anyone or anything is in their way. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to see smaller objects and people. Children often get hit by cars because they are too small for drivers to see when they back up. 

Jaywalking: Pedestrian accidents are not always the driver’s fault. They can also occur if a pedestrian jaywalks in the middle of the street or crosses against the light. 

Debris in the Road: Debris in the road may cause a driver to stop suddenly or even flip over, producing a dangerous situation that may injure a nearby pedestrians. Pedestrians may also become injured if they are hit by debris as cars drive by. If the debris is caused by construction, the city or the contractor may be liable for damages. 

Equipment Failure: In some instances, a car may hit a pedestrian due to equipment failure such as their brakes giving out. The car manufacturer or mechanic may be responsible for this type of accident. 

Weather Conditions: If roads are slick or visibility is low, drivers must be extra careful to avoid hitting pedestrians, objects, and other vehicles. 

Other Forms of Reckless Driving: Any type of reckless or negligent driving can increase the risk of a pedestrian accident. This includes speeding, disobeying traffic signs and lights, driving fatigued, driving distracted, and driving intoxicated. 

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

It is not unusual for pedestrians to become seriously injured in an accident. Most injuries occur in the upper region of the body when victims hit the pavement or are thrown into a windshield of the car. Here are some examples:

  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Concussion
  • Brain damage
  • Neck injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones, particularly in the upper extremities
  • Chest and abdomen injuries including internal organ damage

Injuries to the lower body and road burn are also common. 

How to Protect Yourself from a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents can be avoided when individuals obey the rules of the road. These include the following: 

  • Avoid railroad crossings and bridges. If you must walk over them, do not linger. 
  • Obey all traffic signs, signals, and traffic control officers.
  • Do not walk or run into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
  • Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible.
  • Avoid walking distracted.
  • Wear bright or reflective garments when walking at night.
  • Cross at the crosswalk

What Damages Can I Be Compensated for in a Pedestrian Accident?

The damages you can be compensated for will vary according to the severity of your injuries. Here are some types of compensation you may be looking at. 

Lost Wages: At fault parties may be responsible for compensating you for lost wages for any time needed to take off work to recover. If your injuries prevent you from performing the duties of your previous job and you are forced to take a lower paying position, the defendant will owe you for any discrepancies in pay. 

Medical Expenses: The defendant may have to cover medical expenses including those incurred immediately after the accident, as well as ongoing expenses for in-home care, prosthetics, installation of wheelchair ramps, medications, and more.

Physical and Emotional Pain and Suffering: A pedestrian accident injury can greatly reduce quality of life. The defendant may have to compensate the victim for physical and emotional pain and suffering. It is difficult to put a monetary value on these intangible elements, but your lawyer will use his or her years of experience to come up with an amount that is fair. 

Why Luschas, Naparsteck & Crane, LLP is the Best Choice for Your Montour County, PA Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian accident is a stressful occurrence that can lead to ongoing trauma. Do not let a legal case become another source of anxiety. Luschas, Naparsteck & Crane, LLP will take the weight off your shoulders and get you the outcome you deserve. 

Luschas, Naparsteck & Crane, LLP has years of experience in Montour County personal injury and pedestrian accident law. We are known for providing terrific customer service, affordable rates, and winning results. We will fight relentlessly to see to it that justice is served. 

Do not let a reckless driver get away with reducing your quality of life. Call for a free consultation and take the first step in fighting back. Then look forward to getting the closure you need to move forward. 

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