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Understanding Repetitive Stress Injuries in the Workplace

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Experienced employment and personal injury attorneys like Luschas, Naparsteck, and Crane, LLP, have been working with worker claims for decades of combined experience concerning injuries in the workplace. While the concept of repetitive stress injuries has been around for centuries, it is a somewhat new concept in the courts, and an attorney who knows how to process such claims can be invaluable to your case.

Repetitive Stress Injuries Have Been Recognized for Hundreds of Years

Repetitive stress injuries, often called repetitive strain injuries in research, have been noted by physicians for centuries. As reported by Medical News Today, repetitive stress injuries were first identified by Italian physician Bernardino Ramazzini in 1700. Since then, the condition has gone by quite a few names and titles, but the fact that doing the same thing, over and over, is a source of injury. Such injuries often occur due to manual labor, office work, and the use of modern technological devices.

Repetitive Stress Injuries Are Caused by Your Work and Reduce Your Effectiveness

If you have experienced a repetitive stress injury on the job, not only must you suffer through the injury, but likely also a reduction in productivity in the same work that hurt you in the first place. Work-related repetitive stress injuries affect your nerves, tendons, muscles, and supporting structures in your body, as explored by the CDC. It is important to note that injuries that affect the same places but due to slips and falls, accidents, or other causes are not the same as repetitive-use injuries and may represent other personal injury causes of action.

Connecting With an Employment Attorney Best Supports Your Case

Understanding the process, and knowing how to recognize a repetitive stress injury, is supported through an attorney. If you think you might have developed a repetitive stress injury, contact us today to schedule a consultation to explore your options.



Are repetitive stress injuries new?

While cases involving repetitive stress injury are increasingly common nowadays, they have been recognized for centuries.

What can I do to prevent repetitive stress injuries?

Consult with your employer, an attorney, and a medical professional to determine how to minimize injury on the job.

If it’s a part of the job, can I still recover?

Yes, even if a normal part of the job, a repetitive stress injury can present recoverable damages.



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