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What are the Benefits of having an Elder Law Attorney prepare your Medicaid Application

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Medicaid is a joint federal and state benefit program that pays for majority of the long-term care costs in the United States. The Medicaid application process can be quit confusing and laborious for someone who has never prepared an application before. The person who is preparing and submitting the Medicaid Application should have a full and complete understanding of the medicaid regulations to avoid unfavorable decisions and delays when it comes to receiving benefits.

The process for medical assistance benefits involves verifying citizenship requirements, medical need, and financial eligibility to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. The application is completed on form PA 600L and can be obtained online. The County Assistance Office requires tremendous documentation to verify all income and assets listed on the application. For example, the CAO requires submission of five years of financial records and explanation of all withdrawals and deposits which exceed $500 in a given month. A professional who is experienced with the Medicaid Application process will assist you with gathering the various verification documentation and ensure that the application is submitted timely.

The timing of the submission of the application is a critical concept. If the application is filed too soon, it could result with an unfavorable decision and limited spend down options to gain eligibility. As mentioned earlier, one of the purposes of the application is to determine financial eligibility. At the time the application is submitted, the applicant must be able to verify that his or her resources are below the applicable limits. If the applicant is over-resourced at the time of application, they limit their planning options.

Our office has trained professionals on staff who are knowledgeable with the medicaid regulations and medicaid application process. If you are helping a loved one who is in need of Medicaid Long Term Care benefits, contact our office to meet with an Elder Law attorney who can help you plan for the financial burden.

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