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What Should You Do After a Slip and Fall Injury at Work?

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Slip and fall accidents are super-common in America’s workplaces. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that these accidents are responsible for 5 percent of workplace fatalities and thousands of injuries.

As a worker, this stat tells you one thing: you are always at risk of a slip and fall accident. In fact, you don’t need this stat to know this. From the fact that you walk around at work, you can slip and fall.

But what should you do if you have already been a victim of a slip and fall accident? We have a helpful guide.

Read on.

Assess Your Situation

While most slip and fall accidents only result in some pain and bruised skin here and there, some can be serious and deadly.

As such, the first thing to do after a slip and fall at work is to assess the severity of the accident. If you’ve been hurt badly – perhaps you’re unable to get up and you’ve broken a bone – call for medical help. If your workplace has a first aid department, call them.

Bear in mind that it can be difficult to know the state of your wellbeing immediately after a slip and fall accident. It’s possible to feel normal even after the accident has resulted in significant harm. It’s advisable to seek medical help regardless.

Document the Scene

If a slip and fall accident has occurred at home, documenting the scene is the last thing on your mind. At work, however, it’s vital to document the scene. This is because you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses.

For this to happen, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company is going to need tangible evidence. Documenting the scene, either by taking photos or recording videos or both, helps you gather this evidence while the scene is still fresh.

That being said, don’t worry about documenting the scene if your injuries are serious. The only thing you should worry about at that point is getting medical help.

Report to Your Employer

Many organizations have procedures for reporting accidents and filing compensation claims. As a victim of a slip and fall injury, it’s your responsibility to report the accident to the relevant person or department. Don’t assume that just because the accident occurred at work, your supervisor or boss will notice and keep it in mind.

Reporting the accident kickstarts the processing of getting compensated for your injuries. It’s the employer who will submit your compensation claim to the insurance company, so they ought to be aware of the accident.

File a Compensation Claim

Your employer ought to compensate you for the money you spent to treat yourself (economic damages), as well as the mental trauma the accident caused you (non-academic damages).

Quantifying these damages and filing a compensation claim that won’t be denied can be challenging for most people. You can find a local lawyer who specializes in workers’ compensation to help you out.

Recover from a Slip and Fall Injury

A slip and fall injury can leave you with severe injuries. The good news is you can recover from it, both health-wise and financially. With this guide, you now know the steps to take.

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