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Are You Eligible For Workers’ Compensation as an Independent Contractor?

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Are you eligible for workers’ compensation as an independent contractor? This guide lays out the fast facts you need to know.

Workers’ compensation is a legal requirement in Bloomsburg, PA. It helps in providing employees with certain benefits when they get work-related injuries.

In most cases, workers’ compensation covers the associated medical costs after an injury. However, some organizations have been using it to replace lost wages. As a recipient, you can decide how to spend your money.

Filing for workers’ compensation independent contractor is a legal process. It undermines your legal claim against your employer when work injuries occur. That is why you need to work with an attorney.

Who’s Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Most of the employees are not conversant with worker compensation laws. This means that they are not aware of their rights to be compensated. As a new employee, it is essential to consult labor laws in your state to understand whether you are eligible for workers’ compensation.

Generally, every employee is eligible for workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania. Other states apply the same approach, but they have some sensitive clauses that you need to be aware of.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Independent Contractors

Workers’ compensation for independent contractors has always been a major topic around the country. In Pennsylvania, independent contractors are not required to apply for workers’ compensation insurance.

States have some provisions for workers’ compensations for independent contractors. In PA, you can consider independent contractor workers’ compensation in the following circumstances:

Fulfilling the Terms of Contract

Some organizations are very strict when it comes to workers’ insurance. Such entities enforce insurance policies to any worker, including independent contractors.

It is a strategic method of limiting the financial liability of a business. Most entities face financial liabilities resulting from injuries. In such situations, you have no option but to have personal insurance.

Guarding Against Medical Bills

Your health insurance may fall short when it comes to work-related injuries. Most of the insurance providers exclude work-related injuries in their coverage.

That is why you need to purchase an independent contractor workers’ comp. It will prevent out-of-pocket expenses and may replace lost wages during recovery.

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

As you can see, eligibility for workers’ compensation is not straightforward. As an employee, you must sign such policies. As an Independent contractor, you’re not required by law to purchase workers’ compensation insurance.

Although independent contract workers’ compensation is not required to purchase such policies in PA, some situations may force you to have such policies.

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

1. Is Workers’ Compensation Required for Part-Time Employees?

Part-time employees get injured too. You need to have your workers’ compensation as a part-time employee.

2. Are There Penalties for Not Having Workers’ Compensation?

Running a business without workers’ compensation carries enormous legal and financial risks. In Pennsylvania, you can land yourself in jail for operating a business without workers’ compensation.

3. How Is Workers’ Compensation Calculated?

Your business will be required to pay your workers a percentage of their weekly income. Contact Luschas, Naparsteck & Crane, LLP, for clarifications on the state’s workers’ compensation calculations.

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